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Jute is the only product that can be used on a rapid range.

It is totally safe to use as it is an eco friendly product derived from nature. The trade on jute started in British reign. The first jute factory was set up in India in the year of 1855 in Rishra near Kolkata. The founder was Mr. George Acland. But the first ever Indian factory was set up by Seth Hukum Chand in 1917 in Kolkata.

Jute has become the most profitable export item since the British period. Our country is known for producing the finest quality of jute. The jute products had a huge demand in the foreign market. But after the independence, due to some political and communal riots, many factories were forced to stop the production. So the business was interrupted. After that, the plastic products were invented.

Plastic is light weight and easy to carry

It is also a very easily available product. So people readily accepted the product and started to use it randomly. But the product has many drawbacks. Plastic is a non biodegradable product. It never gets mixed with nature. It remains in nature for ages and be the reason for many erosion in nature. Plastics stuck in the soil cause soil erosion. It is also the main reason for infertility of soil. It prevents the growth of plants. It also doesn’t dilute in water. So it gets stuck in water and clots the flowing garbage and other particles of water. This spoils the water from its natural safe quotient. Besides, plastic products cause many more hazards to nature. As plastic has become an alarming reason of pollution, people now are thinking about some another way out to replace plastic. Jute is the most reliable substitute of plastic. It is eco friendly, light weight, easy to carry and affordable. So, people switch to jute products. As a result, jute products are regaining its lost fame in the foreign market. People again start to use jute products in order to save nature from the bad effects of plastic. We are the largest Jute Bag Exporters. We have worldwide clients who are satisfied with our products. Our products are 100% natural and durable. We have a large collection of different kind of jute bags which match people’s need. All our products are affordable. We are aware of the latest trend and style. So we develop our products according to the latest trend. This is a sample text. You can click on it to edit it inline or open the element options to access additional options for this element.