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The A. P. Exim Commercials has been a major manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Eco Friendly fabric bags namely JUTE , COTTON , JUCO , PAPER In recent years, the company restructured its business portfolios to focus on a wide range of eco friendly branding products and Packaging solutions .

While the company lays uniform stress on all fundamental aspects such as quality, designs and cost-effectiveness for its products, we are undoubtedly a premium product maker. . Our products have made their presence felt in high profile events and are also used by leading retail stores. We have gained our reputation for our quality and finish of the product .

To cater to this need ,we have developed a well integrated production facility, Our Company has stitching, printing and embroidery capabilities under one roof. Our production facilities are located in New Barack pore with easy access to ports and airports. We are located in the hub of fabric producing region with ample supply of traditional craftsmen.

The company manufactures diverse range of shopping bags in jute, juco, cotton, canvas paper and other eco fabrics. Our design mix presents unlimited choices to suit your unique packaging requirements. Under the able monitoring of a production head, well supported by a team of experienced supervisors, our production undergoes stringent quality control tests.

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This results in our products being world class.

To meet the global demand of increasingly high standard, our plant managed by highly skilled staff is both automated and manual, right from cutting to final production. A major proportion of our output is exported to USA, Europe, Australia and Middle East. This bodes well for our future as our preeminent position as one of the widest arrays of fabric bags from India.

Why Choose The A. P. Exim Commercials

Eco Friendly Materials

Our bags are made from eco-friendly materials namely jute, cotton, juco and canvas etc. Super finish, detail and excellence make our products perfect for both domestic and international marketplace.

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By Mail, Text And Call !! We Are Here To Provide You With All The Support You Require.

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Our Products Are Manufactured With Top Quality Raw Materials Which Make Them Unique In Nature.

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