Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process


Samples are made ready in a time of a week with bespoke prints. Screen arrangement charges are 10 USD per color with a least amount of 50 USD. We require details of clients courier account to send the samples.


Direct Azo Free Dyes are used in all our bags to keep up with EU Standards. However, complete color fastness is not assured in the oxy cellulose fibre. Reactive colors can be used on particular demand to get better color fastness. The inks for print are pigment cols as well as Azo free.


Generally, Jute Bags are covered inside with PP or LDPE lining. Colors are dyed to match PMS, though accurate color matching is not likely due to the natural fibres. As a result, the shade may fluctuate a little from lot to lot.


Our bags are silk screen printed and may have register difference as printing is done by hand. The cost of printing depends on number of cols and coverage area.

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