So, you have an old jute tote bag lying around, and you’re wondering what to do with it? Don’t toss it aside just yet! In this guide, we’ll explore some imaginative and eco-friendly ways to repurpose your old jute tote bag, giving it a new lease on life. Let’s dive into the world of creative recycling and breathe fresh life into that tired bag!

11 Ways To Repurpose Your Old Jute Tote Bag

Upcycled Plant Holder:

Transform your jute tote into a stylish plant holder. Place a potted plant inside the bag, allowing the jute to add a rustic touch to your indoor greenery. Ensure proper drainage to avoid water damage.

Boho Wall Art:

Cut out interesting sections of your old jute tote and frame them for unique wall art. Arrange the pieces in a visually appealing pattern to create a boho-chic statement piece for your home.

DIY Beach Mat:

Stitch a few jute tote bags together to create a durable and beach-ready mat. Perfect for lounging on the sand or picnicking in the park, this repurposed mat adds a touch of eco-conscious style to your outdoor adventures.

Fashionable Tote Makeover:

If you can’t part with the tote’s basic structure, give it a trendy makeover. Paint, dye, or add fabric patches to breathe new life into the bag. You can also attach fabric or leather straps for a fresh, personalized look.

Storage Solution:

Cut the jute tote into smaller pieces and stitch them into storage baskets. These versatile baskets can hold anything from toys to craft supplies, bringing an eco-friendly touch to your organizational efforts.

11 Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Jute Tote Bag

Reusable Gift Wrap:

Use your old jute tote as a sustainable alternative to traditional gift wrap. Wrap gifts in the tote, tie it with a colorful ribbon, and attach a handmade gift tag. It’s an eco-friendly and charming way to present your gifts.

Creative Cushion Covers:

Cut the jute fabric into squares and sew them together to make unique cushion covers. These textured covers add a touch of earthiness to your home decor.

Pet Bedding:

Pets love the texture of jute! Fill the tote with soft bedding material and create a cozy spot for your furry friend. Just make sure to clean and sanitize the tote thoroughly before using it for your pet.

DIY Jute Coasters:

Cut small circles from the jute fabric and glue or sew them onto round pieces of cardboard. These homemade jute coasters add a rustic charm to your table while protecting surfaces from beverage rings.

Garden Twine:

Unravel the jute fibres and use them as garden twine. They’re perfect for tying up plants or creating decorative accents in your garden.


Repurposing your old jute tote bag not only reduces waste but also allows you to showcase your creativity. So, the next time you’re considering discarding an old tote, think about the myriad possibilities for giving it a second life. Embrace the world of upcycling and let your imagination run wild!