Eco-Friendly Jute Bags


Eco-Friendly Jute Bags

Jute bags are the most eco friendly bags. As people realize the bad effects of plastic bags, they started to switch to some eco friendly options in order to save nature. Jute bags are made up with 100% natural jute fibers.
There is a large variety of different kind of jute bags are available. Jute bags are durable, long lasting, light weight and easy to carry. People are now getting attracted by Eco friendly Jute Bags.

Jute is a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly material and does not pollute our environments like plastic and poly, and we should encourage the usage of jute bags so that we can also contribute to our environment to make our planet clean and healthy place to live in.


1. Jute is a vegetable plant whose fibers are dried in long strips, and it’s one of the cheapest natural materials available; The plants from which jute is obtained grow mainly in warm and humid regions, such as Bangladesh, China, and India.

2.Jute can be grown year-round and is harvested every six months. It can take decades to produce the same volume of wood fiber and it requires much larger tracts of land to cultivate.

3.Jute is very strong and highly durable, 100% biodegradable (it degrades biologically in 1 to 2 years), low-energy recyclable, and cause no threat to the environment. Carrying of products in a Jute bag no threat to hygiene.

4.Jute bags can be used multiple times. Plastic bags are made to use once only, thus, it is seen that lots of such things are dumped in the face of waterways, sewage, parks, beaches, or streets.

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